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Partner with TSCM Technical Services


If you are

  • a security service company
  • a private investigator
  • an investigative company
  • a law firm with concerned clients
  • a hotel security director with sensitive meetings taking place in your facility
  • a consultant with concerned clients

We can help. 

Count on TSCM Technical Services to provide a thorough, comprehensive service that addresses both your needs and those of your customers.

We can help you keep your clients happy and we can help you make some money. 

Service firms receive a significant discount from our standard rates, enabling you to sell the job at a generous mark up without pricing the service beyond the reach of your customer.

 We'll also give you the names of contacts at other companies in your industry, so you can inquire for yourself what it is like to work with us. 

Contact us for information on how we can work with you.  We'll provide a firm price quotation within a few hours of receipt of your information.  Click here to send us information we need for a quotation.