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New Technology

A new important tool in a sweep is  InfraRed ThermographyOur themal imaging camera is used on all jobs to detect the heat signatures emitted by listening devices.

Here's how it works:

Visible light is reflected from the surface of objects.  This appears to your eye as color and brightness.  At the same time, the objects you see radiate infrared energy.  This energy is not based on the reflectivity of the object or its color or intensity; it is based on the temperature of the material that makes up the object.

Electronic devices create a small amount of heat as electricity powers their circuitry.  Even faint amounts of heat are visible against the normal infrared background that the imager sees.  This makes it possible to find devices hidden in wall cavities or built into furniture or other concealments.

In our mission to provide state of the art service in detection techniques, we continue to use the latest in emerging technology to enhance our capabilities.  Infrared Thermography is another valuable tool;  not inexpensive, it demonstrates our dedication to doing the job to the best of the ability of our technicians and technology. 

Take a look at the photo gallery for highlights of what this technology can find.


Ceiling Visible The picture on the left shows a view of an office ceiling in visible light.  The picture on the right shows the same ceiling viewed using infrared thermography.  The white spot in the highlight reveals the presence of a chip camera hidden in a ceiling tile.


Infrared Thermography reveals the presence of a small RF transmitter built into a speaker enclosure of a stereo.  The highlight shows a hot spot in the lower lefthand corner of the speaker


This view of an office reveals the heat signature of a radio transmitter in the wall behind the bulletin board. The highlight indicates the faint hotspot caused by the device.  Sometimes the indications are very subtle, but a skilled operator will not overlook them.


Thermal Imaging not only makes a sweep significantly more thorough, it can save time, too.  The photo on the left shows a view of a trash can in a conference room.  The IR image shows the CCTV camera and transmitter built into a false bottom.

Thermal imaging is also used to located cavities in walls and other objects where devices could be or could have been hidden.  The picture on the left shows a wall in an office.  The IR image reveals a cavity in the wall.  It appears as a light colored rectangle.