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Pricing Information

estimates sweep costs using a simple formula and information you provide us.  We do not need to visit a site to issue a firm price for a survey.

All we need is some brief information from you-- details about the physical layout of the facility and information about the telephone system in place.

Send us the scope of the job based on the info below and we can generate a quotation.   Also, please keep in mind the following criteria:

We only accept assignments from legitimate business entities.  We are not available for private individuals. 

If your concern involves a law enforcement investigation, we can not undertake your job.

You must provide complete contact details.   We will not respond if we are unable to ascertain your identity. 

If you have special requirements that make it difficult for you to provide the required information, 
 please call us directly and we will try to work with you.

We hold all contacts in complete confidence.  We do not share any information you provide with
any other organizations, agencies, or suppliers.  

As always, do not contact us from a telephone in the suspected area.  Don't show your hand to the bad guys.


Please Provide the details requested below.

  •  Quantity of offices and conference rooms 300 square feet or smaller (less than 15 x 20 feet). 
  •  Quantity of offices and conference rooms between 300 and 600 square feet. 
  •  Quantity of offices and conference rooms larger than 600 square feet.
  •  Quantity of conference/board rooms noted above with complex audio visual equipment. 
  •  Quantity of cubicles.
  •  Number of floors the offices are on. 
  •  If the offices are in more than one building, how many buildings. 
  •  City the sweep will be in.
  •  Brand and model of the PBX or telephone systems.

Use the email form below.   Be sure to include your contact information.  

Feel free to call us directly for a more immediate response.


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